We are excited to welcome you to the Nichols Community through Orientation! New Student Orientation information will be emailed to all new students when it becomes available.

If you have any questions please email Orientation@nichols.edu


Bison Orientation Leader Team

For those who are not able to attend Orientation in person, whether there are time conflicts, or you are an out of region student, we will be offering virtual sessions.

More information will be emailed to students when it becomes available.

All students will be added to a New Student Orientation Canvas page as well.

Please direct all calls to the Student Involvement Office.

Email: Orientation@Nichols.edu
Phone: 508-213-2480


Our Team

Beth Gionfriddo headshot
Beth Gionfriddo
Director of Student Involvement
Veronica Hills headshot
Veronica Hills
Student Life Operations Specialist

Health Services

On behalf of Health Services, congratulations and welcome to Nichols College! We look forward to you becoming part of our campus community.


ALL new full time students, whether entering as a freshman or a transfer, must complete the following forms: Health Record, Student Health History, Physician Physical Exam, Immunization Record, Tuberculosis Risk Questionnaire (and Medical Evaluation for Latent Tuberculosis Infection, if applicable).

If you have any questions or medical concerns, please contact Health Services at 508-213-2238. Please note that Health Services office hours are minimal during the summer, but messages are checked frequently and someone will get back to you as soon as possible. If you need immediate assistance, please contact Student Life at 508-213-2480.

If you will be participating in intercollegiate sports, NCAA regulations mandate that you have a physical within 6 months of the start of the sport you are involved in. If you have any questions, please contact Tim Bennett, Head Athletic Trainer, at 508-213-2183.

Meet Our Team

Kathy Nicoletti, RN headshot
Kathy Nicoletti, RN
Director of Health Services and College Nurse

Residence Life

At Nichols we believe that residential living offers students the chance to live and learn in a supportive environment. We believe that a student should develop into a responsible citizen capable of giving back to their community, and that every single person is important and critical to our collective success. Our staff is made up of both student Resident Assistants (RAs) and full-time professional Area Coordinators (ACs) as well as student programmers and community managers. Our staff and policies are in place to strive to make our residence halls safe, convenient, and welcoming. Nichols students take personal responsibility for their behavior and surroundings and set high expectations for civility and community.

Living on campus during this exciting time of your life is a privilege, and your time at Nichols will not last forever. Take advantage while you’re here to make the most of it—leave your room, put down the cell phone, close that laptop, and engage with one another. Learn from one another, respect one another, and embrace all the opportunities that this wonderful campus holds for you.


We strive to create a vibrant, inclusive residential community experience that fosters intrinsic leadership, personal growth, and appreciation and respect for all.

To support its mission, Residence Life

  • Creates a safe and welcoming environment
  • Offers opportunities and resources for student success
  • Provides programming and events to support the overall well-being and holistic development of our students
  • Cultivates and maintains a caring, competent, diverse and well-trained staff


Students will apply for housing by filling out an online New Student Housing Application that will become available in late May. You will be notified via Nichols College Email once the application is ready.

We will wait until after Orientation to assign rooms so that students may select their roommate preference through our Online Housing Portal. You will receive an email at your Nichols.edu account no later than the 3rd week in July detailing your building & room number, your roommates and their contact information, as well as valuable move-in information.

You may pick the person or people you would like to live with. Every effort will be made to house roommate requests together. You will notify us of your roommate choices by completing the online roommate match information that will be given out at Orientation.

First Year students are placed in Shamie hall, priority goes to roommate groups of three. Roommates are placed together on a first come, first serve basis. While we set priority to groups of three, please understand that we cannot guarantee that you will be roommates.

If you are in a group of two, please realize that while we try our best to house you together, we cannot guarantee that you will be roommates, as priority goes to groups of three.

The largest residence hall on campus, Shamie Hall, houses more than 330 students. Common lounge areas, study rooms, and laundry rooms are located on each of the three floors. Shamie Hall primarily houses first-year students in triple rooms with private bathrooms in each room. Right outside of Shamie Hall is a wiffle ball field, half basketball court, and a patio for students to enjoy.

Relax and socialize in the 2nd floor Common Lounge, where there’s a pool table, as well as two big screen TVs for students to watch their favorite game or movie!

Shamie Hall is air conditioned with elevator access for students. Shamie Hall renovations have been completed as of Fall 2019. This three year renovation project added a new lobby, lounge areas, community kitchens, and updated laundry facilities to the hall.

All Shamie rooms include a bed, mattress, wardrobe/dresser, desk, chair, shade/curtain, and shower curtain.

outside of shamie hall

collage of the inside of shamie hall

Every incoming student will have their picture taken during Orientation. ID cards will be issued on check-in day.

Please visit https://reslife.nichols.edu for our What to Bring List, FAQ’s, and other information.

Important Dates


ADA Accomodation Paperwork – Contact Reslife@nichols.edu for more information


New Student Move-in Day


Housing Application Form – Available May 17, 2021 – July 7, 2021


Sophomore Move-In Day


Roommate Selection Form – Available June 1, 2021 – July 7, 2021


Junior and Senior Move-In Day


Housing Assignments emailed no later than 3rd week of July

Meet Our Team

Amanda Desai headshot
Amanda Desai
Director of Residence Life
Adrienne Boertjens headshot
Adrienne Boertjens
Area Coordinator
Ryan Morong headshot
Ryan Morong
Area Coordinator

Student Life

Becoming a member of the Herd means a commitment to your education, to your personal growth, and to the betterment of our entire community. Soon your experience at Nichols College will begin. Are you ready to make an impact? Who will you help and meet along the way? What goals are you willing to strive for while you are here? The answers to these questions and more are right around the corner! Contact us if we can help you. Know that our Student Life team is eagerly anticipating getting to know you and we look forward to watching you grow as a valued member of the HERD! Go Bison!

Offices in Student Life

  • Center for Diversity, Equity & Inclusion
  • Community Standards
  • Counseling Services
  • Dining Services
  • Health Services
  • Public Safety
  • Residence Life
  • Student Involvement – Orientation

Meet Our Team

PJ Boggio headshot
PJ Boggio
Dean of Students & Title IX Coordinator
Marney Buss headshot
Marney Buss
Assistant Dean
Amanda Desai headshot
Amanda Desai
Director of Residence Life
Beth Gionfriddo headshot
Beth Gionfriddo
Director of Student Involvement
Alicia McKenzie headshot
Alicia McKenzie
Director of the Center for Diversity, Equity & Inclusion
Jessica Ryan headshot
Jessica Ryan
Director of Community Standards
Kate Logan headshot
Kate Logan
Director of Counseling Services
Brittany Henderson headshot
Brittany Henderson
Eric Streich headshot
Eric Streich
Veronica Hills headshot
Veronica Hills
Student Life Operations Specialist

Student Accounts

Welcome to Nichols College! The Student Account team members are here to assist students and their families with any questions they may have in regards to their billing statement. Simply call 508-213-2288 or email SFS@nichols.edu and a team member will happily answer your questions.


Nichols College is a “green” campus. For your convenience, up to date account information and statements are available 24/7 via the Self-Service Portal. Please watch your Nichols email and your mailbox for exciting updates.

Instructions to create Parent Proxy logins.

Self-Service Payment Plans

Student Alternative Loans

Outside Scholarships

Military Benefits

The Student Accounts office issues all book vouchers. Please email the Student Accounts Office to discuss your eligibility at sfs@nichols.edu.

Graduation Fee: $200

Lab and Course Fees: $30 – $120

Late Payment Fee: $250

Parking Fee: $150

All of us at Nichols College, and especially those of us who advise students and their families, are concerned about students who suffer serious illness and accidents and have to leave the College before a semester is completed. In many instances, it means not only the loss of time invested in studies, but also the loss of the semester’s costs. Situations where families are forced to choose between major financial losses and their child’s health are particularly difficult. We therefore urge you to consider the low-cost tuition insurance plan offer described below.

We are pleased to inform you that Nichols College offers the Tuition Refund Plan to our students and parents to minimize the financial portion of a loss due to illness, accident or other medical reasons. This elective insurance program, made available through A.W.G. DEWAR, Inc. (DEWAR) insures that 75% of the insured semester fees will be refunded in the event of withdrawal from the College due to illness or accident or mental health reasons.

You have been automatically charged for the tuition refund insurance. If you do not wish to have this coverage, then you must complete a waiver.

Please contact DEWAR directly at (617) 774-1555 if you have any questions regarding the Tuition Refund Plan.

Tuition Insurance Cost for the 21/22 Academic Year: $200 Annual/$100 per Semester

Waive or Enroll Health Insurance

Massachusetts State law mandates that all students who attend college full-time are to be charged a health insurance fee. Students may qualify to waive this fee.

Special Note: Departments at Nichols College CANNOT SHARE health insurance information due to HIPPA regulations. Students need to complete the waiver process listed below IN ADDITION to supplying health insurance information to the Athletics Department and the Health Services Department.

2020 – 2021 Insurance Annual Coverage $3,069 Spring Only Coverage $1,920

To waive the health insurance fee, you will need to complete the waiver form.

Meet Our Team

Deborah Champagne headshot
Deborah Champagne
Director of Student Accounts
Heather Bowes headshot
Heather Bowes
Student Accounts Associate
Shannon Espinosa headshot
Shannon Espinosa
Office Assistant

Financial Aid

The Financial Aid team is here to help guide you and your family through the financial aid process and to assist you in understanding the funding for which you may be eligible. Nichols College offers both need- and merit-based aid to help lower the cost of your education. If you have any questions, please contact our office at 508-213-2288 or SFS@nichols.edu and a team member will happily assist you.

Why complete the FAFSA?

We use the FAFSA information to determine your eligibility for federal, state and institutional need-based financial aid. You can file your FAFSA after October 1st. Our priority deadline for filing the FAFSA is March 1st. Each state has a FAFSA filing deadline. It is important to meet the March 1st filing deadline since filing your FAFSA late can affect the amount of financial aid you will receive. Late applicants may miss opportunities for state or other sources of aid.

How do I complete the FAFSA?

Log on to www.fafsa.ed.gov with your FSA ID. Each year the FAFSA is available starting October 1st. You can complete your FAFSA using your prior-prior year’s tax information. For example, if you are applying for financial aid for the 2020-2021 academic year you would complete the FAFSA with 2018 tax information.


We highly recommend applying for enough to cover the cost of attendance for the full year. If you need assistance determining the amount to borrow, we recommend you contact Student Accounts.


The Federal Direct Loan program is a federally funded loan program. The maximum loan amount varies depending on your year in school. Repayment of the Federal Direct Loans begins 6 months after the student graduates, withdraws from school, or is enrolled less than half-time. By completing the FAFSA each year, you are automatically applying for the Federal Direct Loans. Borrowers must complete a Federal Direct Loan Master Promissory Note (MPN) and first-time borrowers must also complete Federal Direct Loan Entrance Counseling.

Financial Assistance Contacts

Letters A-K

Karen Brennan headshot
Karen Brennan
Associate Director of Financial Assistance

Letters L-Q

Jessica Dias headshot
Jessica Dias
Financial Aid Counselor

Letters R-Z

Lindsay Louis headshot
Lindsay Louis
Director of Financial Assistance

GPS Students:

Jessica Dias headshot
Jessica Dias
Financial Aid Counselor

Student Financial Services

Student Financial Services, also known as SFS, is made up of team members from Financial Assistance and Student Accounts. We work together to assist our students and families navigate all financial aspects of attending Nichols College in an open and friendly environment. We can be reached at SFS@nichols.edu or by calling 508-213-2288 or in person, our office is located in Conrad Hall, no appointment necessary.

Public Safety

While Nichols College’s Public Safety Department is staffed 24/7, 365 days a year, its normal business hours are 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. Monday through Friday.

Nichols College is a safe college – and we plan to keep it that way. While our campus is not sheltered from the real world, the serenity and relatively small size of the community makes it a safe environment for students, faculty and staff to work and study.

Annual Security and Fire Report


Yes. Students will receive a parking decal that must be affixed to their vehicle and will color-coordinate to the lots in which they can park.

Yes, there is a parking fee. Parking is limited to the amount of spaces on campus. Be sure to fill out all needed forms and submit as soon as possible. Parking decals are processed in the order they are received and will be issued to you on check-in day in August

Yes, officers work round-the-clock, 365 days a year.

Access to Campus Facilities

With the exception of residence halls, most facilities are open to the public during day and evening hours, when classes are in session. When the College is closed, buildings are locked and only faculty, staff and students with proper ID are admitted. Entrance to all residence halls is restricted at all times. Buildings are accessed with ID cards and keys.

Parking on Campus

Student parking is available for residential and day commuter students within designated areas. All vehicles must be registered with the Public Safety Office before parking on campus. Parking decals for the academic year are available for $300.00.

Public Safety Officers

Public Safety Officers are on duty 24 hours a day, seven days a week, throughout the year. Nichols Public Safety Officers receive continual training and are certified in emergency medical response procedures, including First Responder and CPR. Some members of the force are also licensed as Emergency Medical Technicians. Our experienced officers are skilled at creating an environment that is safe, respectful and conducive to study.

The College also falls under the jurisdiction of the Dudley Police Department. The Nichols Department of Public Safety maintains a strong and coordinated working relationship with the local police. Our campus safety efforts are supported by a local community policing effort. We rely on all of our members of our community to do their part to keep the Nichols College campus safe and free of crime.

Emergency Response

Public Safety Officers perform investigations, prepare incident reports and uphold the rules and regulations of the College, including housing regulations and the College’s Standards of Conduct. They respond to a variety of complaints, including:

  • disturbances
  • crimes
  • suspicious persons
  • motor vehicle-related problems
  • lock-outs
  • emergency or request for assistance
  • security problems such as broken windows and malfunctioning lights and locks

Safety and Prevention

The Department of Public Safety also performs many non-investigative services throughout the year:

  • Operation ID
  • vehicle assistance service
  • safety escort service
  • lost and found service
  • educational programs within the residence halls
  • orientation sessions on crime prevention for new students
  • lending library of crime prevention brochures and videos

Questions about safety on campus? Contact the Department of Public Safety at 508-213-2298.

Meet Our Team

Eric Streich headshot
Eric Streich
Paula Duhamel headshot
Paula Duhamel
Administrative Assistant
Kevin Heal headshot
Kevin Heal


OIE Inbound Word Cloud

International Student Services is a resource for our International Students here at Nichols College. As apart of Student Life, ISS, works to bring a positive and student centered experience for all of our International Students.

The ISS team is eager to support International Students in their transition to the United States.  In addition to assisting students with maintaining their legal immigration status, the ISS team provides guidance to international students so that they may enjoy many of the same benefits as domestic students of studying in the United States, such as: obtaining a driver’s license, applying for a social security number, and on campus employment.

For more information please email us at iss@nichols.edu.

Bison Orientation Leader Team

For those who are not able to attend Orientation in person, whether there are time conflicts, or you are an out of region student, we will be offering virtual sessions.

More information will be emailed to students when it becomes available.

All students will be added to a New Student Orientation Canvas page as well.

Please direct all calls to the Student Involvement Office.

Email: Orientation@Nichols.edu
Phone: 508-213-2480

Our Team

Beth Gionfriddo headshot
Beth Gionfriddo
Director of Student Involvement
Veronica Hills headshot
Veronica Hills
Student Life Operations Specialist

Nichols Bookstore

Nichols College Bookstore offers everything you need for your studies, conveniently right on campus. Outfit yourself with Nichols apparel and your room with the items that make it feel like home. Our partnerships with national retailers also provide you with access to valuable student discounts on computers, business magazines, online services and more.

Your books are listed on your course schedule in WebAdvisor. At the bottom of your course schedule, you will see a link that says “Order books for these courses”. This link will bring you directly to the school’s Barnes and Noble site with your shopping cart pre-loaded with all the required books, their ISBN numbers and prices for all options (purchase, rent, or digital)

As soon as the professor decides on the textbook, it will be available for purchase.

Yes, about 85% of our textbook list is available to rent for the semester. Digital versions are also available for download to a PC.

If you have extra financial aid credit, you may contact the Student Accounts for a book voucher.